Importance of Media

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Warm welcome and greetings to all of you on our educational blogging website we are all going through many terrible problems like COVID-19. And in this, the general public is getting huge media support. That is why today we will try to understand and understand the media and its importance.

In the context of media, we mean such means of communication through which we can share news, songs, music, movies, education, advertisements with people. To use media, we use the following mediums such as – television, newspaper, magazine, radio, poster, telephone, internet, billboard, which we will understand later.

As we know media is the main part of our life and it plays an important role in our daily life and now it is an integral part of our life

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy, without this we cannot imagine democracy. Through this, we can not only learn about the happenings around the world but can also connect with the happenings in the world.

Media is a mirror of our society. It shows the events happening in society in the same way as they actually happen. Such as- theft, robbery, terrorism, natural disaster, etc. The media works to convey the correct information about all these incidents to the general public.


Media Departments:-

There are various departments of media for all these functions. Which are divided into 3 parts, which we will discuss: 1- News, 2-Entertainment, 3-Advertising department.


News Department:-

  • Where there are media there is the news department. These two are incomplete without each other or we can say that they complement each other. The news department comes before both the other departments and it plays an important role in bringing the news to the public. Through this, we get different types of news such as sports, crime, stock market, etc. That is why we call it a mirror of society and for this reason, criminals are very afraid of coming in front of the media. The news department has exposed major criminals and scams. Therefore, it acts as an eye for the general public, which clearly depicts the happenings in society. For these reasons, the news department is considered an important part of the media.

Entertainment Department: -

  • In the 21st century, everyone is busy and battling diseases. In such a situation, the entertainment department takes care of the happiness and smile of all of us. In this, they use the following TV shows for entertainment such as – drama, film, song – music, sports, etc. For this reason, this year is the most preferred part of the general public. It worked in a terrible situation like lockdown

Advertising department:-

  • This department is the last and most important department which makes its presence visible in both the entertainment department and the News Department. This department is also called the marketing department. We can learn more about it in Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. After reading this, we will come to know how important the advertising department is to these big businessmen and politicians.

The Medium of Media: -

Media remains a part of our life mainly through 3 mediums, through which 3 departments of media can reach the general public.:-1 print media, 2 electronic media, 3 internet media.

Print media:-

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  • Print media is the oldest and simplest way through which it is easily communicated with the general public. Print media includes newspapers, banners, posters, magazines, etc.

Electronic Media / Broadcast Media: -

  • After print media, electronic media has gradually replaced itself and is more heard and seen than print media. This mainly includes TV, radio, etc.

Internet Media: -

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  • We also know Internet media by the name of online media. It is slowly replacing both electronic media and print media. It includes the internet, computers, mobiles, laptops, etc. and the best part of it is that it can be heard and seen anytime. Through this, the general public can also easily connect with each other.for that they used blogging, social media, messenger app, etc


Conclusion: –

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Finally, there is no doubt that the media stands for serving the general public even in such a difficult situation, for example, the media served the general public even in adverse circumstances like COVID-19.