Best Online Shopping App – WINDS


If you live in the 21st century and if you like shopping then this blog is for you

Friends, we all love shopping online and offline but you know that we do not get any extra benefit from it, that is why the Sahara India family has brought for you “WINDS“, winds is a best online shopping app. This is an Indian application

Where the whole world is facing an epidemic like COVID-19. The same Sahara India’s winds app helped shopkeepers sell their goods online as well as it also won a lot of reward points through winds.

what is Winds?

Winds is the best online universal shopping app launched by Sahara India. Through which you can shop online and offline and at the same time you will get WRP Winds Reward Point on your shopping by which you can also win the cash price every month.


Online & Offline Shopping:

Through Winds, you can shop both online and offline, for this you can go to Winds app and search for the nearest shop through the WINDS app and get the goods you need.

Online Recharge Services:

With the WINDS app, not only you will be able to shopping, but also you can enjoy the facilities like Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Bill Payment as well as other benefits of shopping.

More than 200 brands:

You will find more than 200 brands like Amazon, Flipkart on Winds App. To use it, you can go to Winds and click on Amazon and go for simple shopping.

Note: WRP will be added to your account after 15 days of shopping if you have not returned your product.

Cash Prize:

Yes, friends, you can win a cash prize every month by shopping through WINDS APP.

Share And Earn:-

You can also earn WRP (Winds Reward Point) by sharing the winds app, which you can later use in the lucky draw that happens every month.


Made In India :

Whereas most of the shopping apps belong to any other country, WINDS APP created by Sahara India is 100% Indian Shopping app, made by Indian company Sahara India which will benefit the Indian economy and local shopkeeper.

COVID-19 live updates

Along with being made in India, this Indian app also provides COVID-19 live updates for the general public.

Language support:-

In this shopping app, you can use English and Hindi as well as other languages, which will make it easier to operate the Best shopping app.


Winds is the best online shopping app that is 100% “made in India” and we as Indians and to support our economy, should use this Sahara app using which you will get a shopping – WRP(Winds Reward Point)