Plato philosopher-king theory

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Plato was a logical approach thinker. Plato believed that peace and tranquility could not be established in the state until the philosopher-king was available.

His experience was based on 50 years of life, in which he has studied several other states including Greece. Which he has also mentioned in his famous Book THE REPUBLIC.


special qualities of the king:-

  • The philosopher-king should be a superior administrator.
  • He really loves his people.
  • He is not afraid of death.
  • He remains fearless.
  • He stays away from every greed and selfishness.
  • During the reign of a philosophical ruler, there is progress everywhere in the state, whether it be education, health, military, and trade.
  • He maintains a friendship with the states around his kingdom.

Plato in his book “The Republic” mentions the special qualities of the king, which are as follows

Some limitations on the autocratic king: -

  • Must have the power to control one’s own mind
  • The boundaries of another state should be smaller
  • There should be a proper system of justice
  • He should arrange education in his state

Note:-Plato considered the philosopher-king to be an autocratic ruler within his ideal state and gave more prominence to authoritarian rulers and autocratic rule than authoritarian and monarchy.:-

faults: - (Plato's philosopher-king also has some faults)

  • It is not easy to find a philosopher-king.
  • The philosopher king has no practical knowledge.
  • He spends 35 years of his life studying.
  • He is arrogant and sycophantic.