Aristotle’s nemesis and Aristotle’s realism

Aristotle is considered realistic or Aristotle is also called realism because: –

  1. Aristotle also explains slavery in great detail in his book “Politics”.
  2. Throughout his life, slavery was prevalent. He had this experience from Greece, which is why he described realism. For that reason, they are also called realists.
  3. According to him, slavery was also a natural practice, that is, he considered slavery very beneficial. He used to say in simple language that the way the ruler and the governed have a close relationship with each other, in the same way, that the guru and the slave are concerned. It is uniquely dependent on each other.

Aristotle believed that slavery was natural and it was very important for the master and slave. The master is able to rule the administration on the basis of slaves.

Aristotle believed that slavery was natural and profitable. But it is not necessary that the slave’s son should become a slave in the future.

In Aristotle’s era, the number of slaves was more than that of the owners, or in simple language, if the majority society was a slave, therefore Aristotle thought that slavery could not be abolished.

At the same time, Aristotle said that these two are each other’s body and soul. The qualities of slaves and masters are in them from birth.

According to Aristotle, slavery is mandatory in a state because if there is no slavery in a state, then that state will soon become a slave of any state.

Why should slavery be mandatory?

  1. It’s good for both of them naturally
  2. It is compulsory to have masters and slaves in society at the same time, there is no point in being one of them.
  3. Slaves develop industries and property
  4. wing to slaves, the owner can easily rule.

Aristotle's criticism:-

  1. The slave has no existence.
  2. According to Aristotle, all can become slaves.
  3. The owner is preferred.